Types of fade hairstyles for men in trend

fade Hair Styles dubai

In recent years many gradual moves are seen toward trendy looks with the fade haircuts. In this season, you should bid your long hair goodbye with a high fade hairstyle. For men who are seeking to look cool sharp cut is the best solution. High fade involves close shave along the side and back of the head.

In fade haircut, the length of hair decreases toward the bottom. There are many fade haircut Dubai but it is difficult to find two fades that are same.

Types of fade haircuts for men:

fade Hair Styles dubai

  • Hipster Taper Fade

The taper fade hairstyle is one of the best fade haircuts. It is low in maintenance and requires some light styling with a little bit of gel.

  • Fade with the side part

This hairstyle is in trend in these days, and also suitable for different face shapes. It looks well when the hair is longer on the top.

  • Low Fade

This hairstyle builds height and provides a neat and sharp look. The man with rounder face should select this haircut with a low taper fade.

  • Shadow Fade

It is best to opt for a shadow fade if you do not like high contrast high fade. With this short fade look you can get a new and professional look.

  • Drop Fade haircut

In this haircut the fade will drop behind the ears. This means that the taper will form an arc from the temple to the nape.

  • Disconnected haircut with fade

The disconnected look is a long top short side hairstyle in which a sharp decrease in hairs length on the side and back of the head is done. This cut is particularly in trend now. In this haircut, the choppy top and faded sides are created with the clippers and scissors.Mk Barber Shop Is Best For It You Can Book Now Here 

  • High top fade

High top fade work best when the hair is long on the top. In this hairstyle, try to ensure that the gel you are using is high hold one because you do not want the hair look to fall flat by mid-concert.

  • Buzz fade

A buzz fade hairstyle is achieved by using electric clippers. In this haircut it has the look of a high and tight tapper. The hairstylist buzz the hair to ensure everything is of the same length.

  • Box fade

If you want to get a funky look the box fade haircut is the perfect option. It is a style to show your natural texture and achieve cool geometric shapes.

If you want to update your current hairstyle then opting for a fade haircut is a perfect choice. Fades can be customized according to your preferences. Fades can be created with lines and designs.

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